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Machines and Equipments

Plastic Moulding Machines

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

SM - 350 Ton [Taiwan]
SM - 250 Ton [Taiwan]
SUMITOMO - 220 Ton [Japan]
LCH - 160B Ton [Taiwan]
JSW - 150 Ton [Japan]
NISSEI - 120 Ton [Japan]
SM - 90 Ton [Taiwan]
SM - 90 Ton [Taiwan]
SM - 90 Ton [Taiwan]
NISSEI - 80Ton [Japan]
SK - 75Ton [Taiwan]
SK - 75Ton [Taiwan]
SM - 50Ton [Taiwan]

Tooling Machines
Bridge Vertical & Horizontal Milling Machine [Taiwan]
Chevalier Vertical & Horizontal Milling Machine [Taiwan]
Falcon FSG - 1A618 Precision Surface Grinding Machine [Taiwan]
Max See Precision EDM Machine M50E [Taiwan]
Dynamic Precision EDM Machine M50E [Taiwan]
Gap Bed Lathe Machine [China]
Other Basic Workshop Equipment Such As Grinders, Drills and Argon
Welding Sets

Test Equipment
Digital Caliper
High Gauge
Various Micrometer
Chrome Meter and Data Processor (CR-300 & DP-301)

Plastic moulding process flow

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